Monday, August 27, 2012

1st day of school!

The kiddos finally started school today.  They were not too excited they had to get up early.  But they had a great day!!


They are holding their first day pictures from last year.


The school was crazy this morning when we showed up, so we took pictures on the street, before heading inside.


Mrs. Edwards and BaileyP1090513

Mrs. Chapman and SavanaP1090514

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kindergarten is over!

well the kids awards assembly was Friday.  Bailey received the Science award and Savana received the Social Studies award.  There are around 21 kids in each of their class and only 4 awards were given out.  We are so proud!! 

Breakfast before awards assemblyP1080981 P1080983 P1080985 P1090004 P1090005 P1090008 P1090010

P1090021 P1090023

My friends and their girls (both in 1st grade)P1090033


Celebrating last day of school at Cheddars for Lunch. P1090037 P1090038 P1090039 P1090041
Bailey got the Math Whiz award too!P1080960

He received several 1st and 2nd place ribbons at Field Day

P1080962 P1080963 Savana got the Wonderful Writing award.  for her journal writing and the best handwriting in class!!P1080968

Congratulations 2012 Graduates!!SCAN0010SCAN0012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

4th day ~~ Margaritaville!!

We took the jeep “in to town”.  Found margaritaville and stayed for a few hours…..FUN FUN FUN!

P1080623 P1080625 P1080626 P1080627 P1080628 P1080629 P1080630 P1080638P1080631 P1080632 P1080633 P1080634 P1080635 P1080637 

They had a slide and the kids were entertained the whole time while we shop and ate!P1080639 P1080640 P1080641 P1080642 P1080643 P1080644 P1080645 P1080646 P1080647 P1080648 P1080649 P1080650 P1080651 P1080652 P1080653 P1080655 P1080656 P1080657P1080658 P1080659 P1080662 P1080663 P1080664 P1080665 P1080666 P1080668 P1080669 P1080670 P1080671 P1080672 P1080673

Savana posing in front of the rum factory….awesome:)P1080674 P1080675

Bailey enjoying the melted gelato:)P1080676 P1080677

Kids riding w/ Oma & PawPawP1080680

Ugliest part of the island ~~~the city of HellP1080682 P1080685 P1080689 P1080690

Kids wiped from the days events!P1080693 P1080694